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Who are we? What do we do?

We can help you resolve your employment problem and assist you in getting the results that you desire. Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are experts in the area of Employment Law and Industrial Psychology.

We can act as your representative in meetings at your workplace i.e. disciplinary and performance meetings, exit meetings, mediation at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and investigative meetings at the Employment Relations Authority. In the majority of cases that we undertake we get a favourable outcome.

We can also assist employers in the areas of performance management, professional supervision (mentoring) and ensure that correct procedures are followed in the area of employment law and redundancy.


Employment Dispute Solutions was founded in 2009 by David Collins and specialises in the area of employment law and workplace dispute resolution. David initially commenced his study at Massey University completing two years in human resource management. Having an interest in psychology a Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology) was completed. He then undertook postgraduate studies in Industrial and clinical psychology and a Master of Arts (Hons) and a Master of Philosophy were completed. David has also done additional training in the area of human resource management and employment law in New Zealand, the Philippines and USA.

David Collins has specialised solely in employment law over the past 16 years and has become an expert in this field. He has been instrumental and resolving more than 1200 employment disputes and has a very high success rate of the cases that he undertook. He is a past member of the Employment Law Institute of New Zealand and served on the executive committee (board) for six years.

Our team comprises of highly qualified professionals who are experts in the field of employment law, human resource management and industrial psychology. We have a high success rate in resolving employment problems.

Our Values

We pride ourselves by acting in a professional and ethical manner and believe that resolving an employment problem through consultation and negotiation is more effective than using intimidation in reaching a desired outcome.

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EMPLOYEES (Our payment options include)

We can act as your representative at disciplinary meetings, redundancy meetings, mediation at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and hearings at the Employment Relations Authority. We are able to assist you in negotiating exit packages for you have been made redundant or want to leave your workplace and seek employment elsewhere. We can also provide coaching and help with performance related issues in the workplace giving you confidence to undertake tasks more effectively.

  • Hourly rate - by negotiation.
  • Small down payment plus percentage of settlement– by negotiation.
  • Small down payment plus hourly rate – by negotiation.
  • No Win No Fee – 33% of settlement (Depending on the circumstances and merits of your case).


Q - How long does it take to get a settlement if I was unfairly dismissed?
A - This is dependent on whether the employer is willing to meet to try and resolve the matter. Although employers may not agree to have a private meeting most are willing to attend mediation at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and a high percentage of the matters are resolved there.

Q - What if the employer refuses to attend mediation?
A - If this is the case a payment needs to be paid to the Employment Relations Authority and the employer is directed to attend mediation.

Q - How much compensation can I get if I was unfairly dismissed?
A - I often say to people that although compensation is important it’s not the most important factor in resolving an employment dispute. Often both parties are looking for closure and getting a reference may have far more value than a lump sum payout. Obviously both are what the employee is looking for and that is what we try to obtain for our clients.

Q - If the matter is not resolved at mediation what is the next step?
A- If negotiation has not been successful at mediation the next level is having an investigative meeting at the Employment Relations Authority. Rather than both parties negotiating a settlement, the authority member considers the evidence provided and makes their decision.

*Please Note: By law you have 90 Days to file a Personal Grievance. We do not take on cases that have been filed after this period of time


We can act as your legal representative if an employee takes a personal grievance against you. We can do this at a private meeting, in mediation, with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment or at an investigative meeting at the Employment Relations Authority.

We can help you if there is a need to make people redundant within your organisation to ensure that it is undertaken in regards to what is required by law, i.e. ensure that the process is fair and employees are not seen to suffer any disadvantage.

We can act as a mediator to assist in helping resolve employment related problems or act as support for existing HR functions including psychological testing, entrance and exit interviews, employment contracts, investigations (serious misconduct allegations) , health and safety, coaching and mentoring and performance related issues.

The services that we provide are competitive and cost effective and we ensure that any matters that we undertake are resolved in a timely manner.


Q - What can I do if an employee takes a personal grievance out against my company?
A - Often it is best to meet with the employee to try and resolve the matter before it escalates to a higher level and starts costing you a lot of money to defend it.

Q - What is the correct procedure for making an employee redundant?
A - Redundancy means that the position has become surplus to the company’s needs. The employee must be given consultation and asked to attend meetings to provide feedback. The time period should also be a consideration and should be fair when considering that the employee may need to seek employment with another employer.

Q - Can I dismiss an employee on the spot?
A - No, if you feel that what has been done by the employee constitutes serious misconduct they can be suspended from work and asked to attend a disciplinary meeting. They must be told that the result of this meeting could be the termination of their employment and they have the right to bring a support person.


“David Collins was my representative for an employment dispute. He negotiated with my employer and got the best result given my situation. He knows his job well and is an expert in employment relationship issues. I recommend David Collins for great service provided in resolving my employment dispute”.SL – Manukau

“If you are looking for results, solutions, positive outcomes or some highly -experienced and well-informed advice in employment relations, then David Collins is your man. I was very impressed with his common-sense, no-nonsense approach. He comes highly recommended”. SP - Greenlane

"I employed David's services to sort a dispute within a company I was working for. I had no idea what I was doing and David helped me through the whole process. His advice and expertise helped me see this through to the end. We achieved a great outcome, more than I ever expected. He comes highly recommended and wouldn't hesitate in using his services in the future”. LD - Mt Albert

“I had the opportunity of using David Collins services a number of years ago. He was very professional and quick acting on my behalf not to mention the result being very favourable. I would not hesitate in recommending his service to others”. GV – Papakura

“I found David to work consistently on my case and in doing so we reached a positive outcome. David was always at the other end of the phone and responded to my emails immediately. I would not hesitate to contact David again should I ever need to. And I have recommended him to friends who seek employment advice”. ST – Thames

“I would thoroughly recommend this firm. I received a high professional and efficient service. David was very patient and understanding and achieved a great outcome for me”. ND – Paraparaumu

“David Collins was a great help when I was accused of something I did not do at work. He helped me settle the matter quickly and with as little fuss as possible. If you ever have problems at work, David is the man to help you out”. DH - Wellington


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